Thursday, December 23, 2010

David's Surgeries are Finially Over!!

David got released from the hospital today from his last surgery!  We are so happy to be out before Christmas!

David has had ulcerative colitis for about 10 years.  It is a painful bowel disorder similar to Crohn's Disease.  No regular treatments were working, so he had to have his large intestine removed and his insides reconstructed.  It was a long process that took 3 surgeries.  The first was was in April.  He was in the hospital for 11 days.  The second one was in August.  He was in the hospital for 14 days that time.  This last one he got out in 9.  This procedure will make it easier for him to digest.

I asked David to start a blog about what he was going through for other people.  This procedure, called a total colectomy, is more common than you think.  But it is not talked about.  I found a blog by a guy in Canada before we went through this, but I lost it.  I wanted to him to let his fellow "ostamates" that everything is going to be okay.  But he wasn't into it.

I am so happy it's finally over!!!

For those suffering, check out Jpouch Life for personal stories.

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