Thursday, December 23, 2010

TMC Christmas

This is the 1st year the TMC pool (only) has entered the Holiday Decorating contest.  Our theme was kind of all over the place.  We tried to stay with read, silver, & gold colors.  It was a great team building experience.  We wrapped both slides with lights.  (The slides are well sealed so there is no cause for alarm.  No one will get shocked.)  And painted the back windows.  We hung bows & ornaments.  Four Judges from the City Manager's Office came and judged.  We won Best Wet Christmas!
Ornaments hang from the Garage Doors.

Candy Cane Slide Stairs.

Lights on the Leisure Slide.

Gingerbread window painting.

Drop Slide Xmas tree.

Lollipop Forest with Snowman.

Me in the Drop Slide.

Head Guards Cary, Brittnie, Kristi, & Caitlin.  Coleman is an honorary HG.
Snowy tree window.
Polar express mountain with tiny Grinch.

Head Guards, me, and WSI 2s Rachel & Brandon.

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