Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend of Conferences

This weekend, I went to two different conferences for work. The Texas Recreation and Parks Society conference was at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. I had never been there before. We met at Liberty Rec Center. Tommy from Oak Point was supposed to drive us in the city van, but the poor guy got two flat tires on the way. There was 6 of us from Oak Point and Carpenter. So, Patrick drove. Good thing. I was too nervous to drive. My vision hasn't been the best recently. I think my contact is too powerful in the right eye. TMS is really nice. We had the classes in the sky boxes. It was a random setup but I like different. I went to a class on youth fitness programs, lifeguards, and communication games. Lunch was fajitas. It was fair. There was no dessert! The nerve of Fort Worth! The last session sucked. I am not even sure what it was really about. They let us go after 10 minutes. So, Stephanie, Melissa, and I were thinking, "What the heck to we do now?" So we went to the social and played Foosball, shuffle board, and pool and waited for everyone else. Patrick drove us home. Then Stephanie and I met Coffy and Derrick at Buffalo Wild Wings to hang out.

Texas Recreation and Park Society

Saturday, I volunteered at the North Texas Outdoor Expo. It was in Dallas at the Elm Fork Shooting Sports. I was lifeguarding for a company called Kayak Power. I sent 8 hours with those guys. (Of course, I forgot to wear sunscreen.) They were fun to hang out with. We only had 2 go into the drink! Amanda and Angela from the Girl Scouts were with me. GSNETX had a tent. They had some fun, interesting stuff at the Expo. There was archery, an obstacle course, a camel, and a bunch of well-trained dogs. I really recommend it for people with kids. It was only $5 for adults and free for kids. Check it out for next year.

Elk Fork Shooting Sports
Start Caring - The group that was in charge of volunteers
Kayak Power Photos

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