Saturday, November 07, 2009

Layne & Danielle's Wedding

David was in Layne & Danielle's wedding last night. It was in Dallas at a business park called The Atriums. It was very elegant. There was indoor waterfalls! The colors were black, red, and white. There was only about 50 people there. It's nice to have a quaint wedding. Danielle did most of the stuff for the wedding by herself. She is a regular Martha Stewart! David looked so dapper in his tuxedo. The ceremony was short and sweet underneath a white archway with Christmas lights. We had some drinks and milled around. Then, there was a plated meal of chicken and potatoes. It came with some random salad that was really good, but I have no idea what it was. The cake was white with coconut frosting and carrot cake. I got to try both, of course. They were yummy. We sat at a table with some really nice people. I never did catch their names, but we were talking about concerts all night. Then it was boogie woogie time. Time to make our exit. It was a very fun time.

David and Kevin.

The flower girl twirling around.

Kevin and Cathrine.

Me and my Groomsmen.

A toast to the Bride and Groom!

The Bride's sister wishes them well.

The Best Man had a funny speech prepared.

Beautiful set up.

We spread the love all over our toast. Yummy!

Cute favors.

Pedals to throw on the couple as they leave.

Awesome guest book.

Very creative aisle runner.

I love pomander balls.

Escort cards.

Our cards.

Cake topper.

David doing what he does best.

The archway in front of the indoor waterfall.

Us before the ceremony.

The hottest groomsman there!
Table setting.

Wedding cake.

Us with the happy couple.

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