Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New House!

We closed on our new house in Krugerville! In the morning we met the realtor at the house to do a walk through. The previous own did a really good job cleaning up. We went to the title company up the road and filled out all the paperwork. We had to wait a few hours until the paperwork went trough to get the key. Finally, in the afternoon, I went back up to get the key. I went to the house and realized I was locked out. The realtor had locked the deadbolt on the way out and the only key I had went to the front door knob. So I had to wait 45 minutes for a locksmith.

We got right to work as soon as we could. The day after closing, David's parent's neighbor, Fransisco, came over to rekey the whole place. My parents and David's Mom, Tommie, went to town on cleaning the house. My mom made the blinds so clean you could eat off of them! We have started painting the closets. Who knew those could get so dirty?

We are waiting finish painting and recarpet the place, then we can move. We will definitely be in before we go on our honeymoon.

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