Sunday, November 01, 2009

My Favorite Holiday

I love Halloween! It's a holiday based around candy and scary movies. What more could you ask for? At work we had a little pizza party for lunch. Janet won our costume contest. She went as our supervisor, Cindy. Halloween night, I went over to Sandy's sister, Becky's, house. The neighborhood was alive with children. I haven't seen anything like it since I was their age. Kids were in costumes running all over the place. People were sitting outside handing out candy. Everyone had their houses decorated. Eight of us escorted Blythe around the neighborhood. David was a pirate and I was a baby. A lost dog ran out in front of a car and David saved her. He called the number on the collar and held her until the owners came. He was the hero of night! And one of the best parts was we got to sleep in an extra hour the next day due to daylight savings time.

Me and Pocahontas, Blythe.

Me and Captain David Morgan.

The Burley Family.

Count Gordon and Alien Sandy.

Our pumpkin.

Super Scary Dave.

Joey is el fuego!

The afternoon crew.

Wearing PJs at work. That's how I roll!

Ghoulish John.


Prize winner, Janet Owen!

The morning crew.

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