Sunday, October 11, 2009

Game Night at Steve's

Game nights are beginning to be a regular occurrence for the Carpenter Park gang. We all met at Steve Norman's for his 42nd birthday. Everyone brought some food so we had a great smorgasbord. I brought a few games, but Steve has an XBOX. So you know what that means? Rock Band! However, we couldn't get it to work. Eleshia called their son to see if he could help over the phone. I think he thought we were all crazy. So Steve and Trey ran out to the video store and came back with The Beattles Rock Band. It's amazing how many Beattles songs I don't know the real words to. But they are classics that everyone likes and knows the tune. It was a great sing-a-long. I got 100% on one song, but I forgot what it was. My camera batteries died before I could take any pictures. This was the only one I got. The video I recorded on my phone.

Steve sitting on Trey's lap. They love each other!

A video of us singing "Twist & Shout." The picture sucks.

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