Sunday, October 04, 2009

Layne & Danielle's Wedding Shower

Layne and Danielle held their couple's wedding shower at Danielle's mom's house in Highland Village. We got there just as it starting raining. She has cooked a great late lunch for everyone of brisket and potato salad. There was a rum punch that was great! We played some shower games. I won the word scramble. That is the first shower game I have ever won! David was a trooper and let me dress him up in toilet paper for another game. He looked darling. The last game was a dice rolling game. Everyone won a toothbrush as a gag gift.

David's toothbrush.

Come on doubles!

The blushing brides.

David is the cutest one!

Layne was the winner. I think the game was rigged!

He's pretending to be crabby.

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