Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tattoo Fest

We have been waiting for this day for at least the last 5 years. Ever since I met Tommie Briggs, he has been talking about getting a tattoo. The image has changed a lot over time, but he still was sure he wanted one. Finally, after a few foiled attempts to get one, Tommie wen to Ink Inc. in McKinney to get it done. Dorian decided that he would get one too. Trey, Coffy, and I came along for entertainment value. The tattoo artist, Rob, was really good. He was a nice guy and had good ideas for both of their tattoos. There was a little girl named, Lucy, running around the shop. She was so cute stealing Rob's tips and giving them to Tommie. They both said that it didn't hurt. But I did see some blood on Dorian's. Who knows, maybe this will be their new thing and they will get a dozen more!

Tattooed freaks.

Dorian's final product.

Dorian's tattoo took about an hour to do.

Without the shading.

The transfer.

Dorian is all smiles before he goes under the needle.

Tommie's final product.

Tommie's staying strong.

No tears. No fear.

The transfer.

Getting the transfer.

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