Monday, August 03, 2009

Dorian's Game Night

Game night at Dorian's was a blast! We gathered a bunch of Experian and Carpenter folks at his house and played Rock Band on Xbox and Pimps & Hoes. Pimps & Hoes is like a Monopoly game. I was so mesmerized by the Xbox, I never made it over to the table. I thought, "I'll sing a song and hand it over to someone else." That lasted about 1 song. If I wasn't singing in the mic, I was singing into my thumb or the remote. There were so many good songs on there. I tried the guitar and drums too but they were really hard. We had a great time. We ate pizza, Texas Caviar, and cookies. We drank Cowboy margaritas, Appletinis, and beer. Can't wait for the next one!

Little Drummer Boy, Dorian.

Steve is rockin' out.

Stephanie isn't having as much fun as Eleshia and Dorian.

Hurry up! We're singing Journey!

Voice so smooth, it's like Barry Manilow.

Steve & Bryan chillin' on the couch.

Trying to get a photo op with Dorian.

Sing it Dorian!

I don't know how I ended up on Eleshia's lap...

Dorian playing Pimps & Hoes.

Bryan & Jayme, so cute!

Steve is sassy!

So many feathers!

More Pimps & Hoes.

Stephanie, Bryan, and Sandy rate our performance.

Bryan concentrating on his solo.

Daemeon was a great drummer!

Me & Stephanie not touching.

Stevie Weavie.

Eleshia, me, and Mary rockin'.

Kick it, Afro Thunder!

You can't get that mic outta my hand!

Mary tries the drums.

Me & Stephanie are true rock stars.

Mary originally faced the fireplace when she was ready to rock. Go figure...

Jayme, me, Mary, and Stephanie before the fun begins.

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