Monday, August 24, 2009

Coffy's Big B-Day Bash

Coffy had another wonderful birthday bash this year! A whole bunch of us gathered at Pappadeaux's in Richardson. We could tell the waiters hated us from the get go. Who wouldn't? There was like 30 of us! I busted out the camera early. Everyone acted like they didn't want their picture taken, but you know they did. David and I split the salmon. It was very good, but I could have used some rice to go with it. Coffy opened her gifts. Jodi got her a gag gift of a really ugly purse. Her really gift was an Ulta gift card. After dinner, we went to the Nylo Hotel lounge. We rented a little seating area and had our own waitress. The atmosphere was fun. I didn't quite care for the music or the volume, but I enjoyed it anyway. Everyone was dancing and drinking and having a great time. We stayed until it closed. Then Jayme, Bryan, Dorian, and I went to IHOP. It took us so long to get breakfast. It was cold in there and I was tired. I fell asleep at the table. Dorian took me home around 4 AM. I haven't been out that late in forever!! Let's see if Coffy can top this year at her next party. She better start planning now!

Smile Stephanie!

Cutie David.

Steve looked nice until right when the flash went off.

Sandy is feeling Dorian's boob!

Table shot at Pappadeaux.

Coffy and Big Ken.

Bill and the McGuills

Jayme and Brian.


Me and Coffy.

Stephanie and Coffy.

It looks like the straw is in Coffy's mouth.

Derrick, Me, Coffy, and Big Ken

Dorian and Coffy.

The purse gag gift.

Stephanie, Dorian, and Coffy.

Dorian and Jyame.

Mary sitting pretty in the egg chair.

Bryan at da club.

Stephanie and Bryan, partners in crime.


Me and Dorian

Best buddies!

Coffy and Bryan.

We are so cute!

Jayme and Bryan are cutting a rug.

Coffy and Mary.

Tommie and Jayme.

Jayme, Bryan, and Me.

Dorian, Jayme, and Bryan.

Mary steals the show!

Stephanie and Me.

Tommy S. is too cool for the camera.

Is Bryan giving Stephanie a lap dance or did he fall?

Stephanie and Tommy.

Getting their freak on.

They are dancing machines!

Jayme giving Dorian a dance leasson.

The Nylo pool and fireplace.

Me and Jayme poolside.

Three amigas.


Coffy and Derrick.

Stephanie and her man, Tony.

Me and my men?

Jayme and her man? Um....

Sleepy time!

Bryan and I in the egg chair before we left.

Dorian knocked us over.

Pretty birthday girl.

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