Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dick Russell 11/7/38 - 7/22/09

Dick Russell was a coworker of mine for the last 4 - 5 years. Recently, he has been having health problems that lead him to reduce his hours, then finally resign a week ago. He was supposed to have surgery this past Wednesday to improve the circulation in his legs. However, he passed away Wednesday morning from congestive heart failure. He was 71. His memorial service is today at 4 PM at Turrentine, Jackson, Morrow in Allen.

I liked Dick. He was a nice guy. Before he worked at Carpenter, he was a patron. He would walk everyday. He would hang out by the counter and talk. When he got the job, we all got to know him better. He went to Penn State and has a Master's from Harvard. He was a football player, a soldier, and a CEO. There were many interesting things about him. Dick always played (and won!) in the Carpenter Football Pool. And this year, during "Mary Gate," Dick continued to play the Football Pool with me and Stephanie after everyone else quit.

Dick and I clashed about work stuff every once in a while. Sometimes the kids at the center got on his nerves and he wasn't afraid to show it. The computer work we do was a little confusing for him too. I now regret how mean I was to him. I would get so frustrated sometimes. I'm sorry Dick.

He are some of the pictures I could find of him. I have one at work that I really wanted to scan. Hopefully I will remember on Monday.

Dick at Steve's Going Away Party 2007.

Halloween 2006

Dick is former Cowboy coach, Bill Parcells.

Always in character.

Christmas 2006

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