Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parent's Visit: Dinosaur Valley & Baseball

My parents came over last weekend. We had some great fun. We went to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. We got a little bit of a late start, but it was a weekday, so there wasn't much traffic. When we got there, it looked like they were setting up for a YMCA campout. A little boy asked us what tribe we were in. My mom thought he was disappointed when we pulled into a camping spot just to park there. WE got out and walked around. The dinosaur footprints are hide to find. We asked everyone we passed. We took the long way around to where they were. The tracks were interesting. They were first found in 1909 in the Paluxy River bed. They called them sauropod and carnosaur tracks. I guess they are like a Brontosaurus and a raptor-type dinosaur. After we took pictures, we high-tailed it back home to the Rangers Game.

The game was at Frisco Ballpark. They were scrimmaging the Kansas City Royals. We had lawn tickets. That lawn is so steep we could barely sit. There were kids sliding down the hill in a sleeping bag like a sled. I don't think I will get those tickets again. The Rangers ended up winning.


Reminds me of Pee Wee's Big Adventure.


Don't eat me!

Help! It's T-Rex!

Mom and Dad and my long lost relative, T-Rex.

Finally found the tracks!


Hard to see the tracks because of the shade.

This one is underwater.

More tracks underwater.

More watery tracks.

Dad's Euro shoe in a Big Foot track.

Dad crossing the Paluxy River with a purse.

Beautiful landscape.

Dad likes to take the hard road.

Every road is the hard road for mom.

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