Sunday, March 29, 2009

Parks and Recreation Starts Next Week

Finally a show about what I do! Everyone at Carpenter Park Rec Center had an idea for a reality-based Parks & Recreation show staring us. The patrons that come into the center and just so funny and weird. And we get some of the strangest requests. Like, do you know where I can sprinkle my dad's ashes? Or do you serve wine there? What night is Satruday Night Plano? Is the ice rink inside or outside? Those are just a few classic lines. But, after thinking about it for a while, we decided we would all get fired for what we say behind people's backs sometimes. We have fun nicknames for people, like Combover Conrad, Jerry McDreamy, Stinky McSticky, or one of my favorites, Skeletor. Who doesn't like nicknames? But, I can see all the letters to the main office now...

Anyway, here are some links. It's going to be hilarious!!

Primetime 2008-Parks & Recreation-NBC Site
City of Pawnee

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