Saturday, November 03, 2007

Camp Arrowhead Retirement Party

Well, I guess you can't say it was the retirement party just yet. Council decided to hold off on the sale until March 1st. In the meantime, we have to do all the dirty work and raise money and find contracts.

Last weekend, I fly back to Washington to see the camp one last time. I met Ebi and Krypton at the airport. I haven't seen Krypton in 11 years! Was it was like we had never parted. We had so many inside jokes and random things that we both remembered. It was great. After dropping some stuff off at Ebi's house, we went to the grocery store and then to pick up Jinn. I hadn't seen her in 7 years! An hour later, we were at camp. We set our stuff down in Klickitat and walked around to take pictures of all the inner units. We ate dinner at Pietro's Pizza in Hood River, Oregon and were joined by a bunch of people I hadn't seen in forever. We tried to get some Mike's Ice Cream, but they were closed. So we went to Horsefeather's and had a "dirty Girl Scout" drink. When we got back to camp, we lit a fire in the unit house. It was so cozy, I couldn't' stay up while everyone talked.

Breakfast was cereal and sandwiches donated by Starbuck's. Brier and Kirsten work there. Even more people had shown up. Some I didn't know or had only met on Myspace. I felt so old! Once girl said she remembered me when she was in Wa-Nee-Ya. Griffin, Jinn, Ebi, and I decided to go on a hike to all the outer units and the yellow and red trail. Quijibo and her son, Parasite (Josh), joined us for a little bit. We ran into Rogue, her dog, and her new car. We saw everything on Saturday! We hiked for 4 - 5 hours. My feel hurts so bad, but I didn't want to stop. We got back to the Lodge a few hours before dinner. I got to see some old school people and their babies. Gilly, Dodger, Lightning, Loco, Yetti, and Squeak were there. I hopped for dinner and was the foot of Gilly's table. Brier and Kirsten made chili. There was a campfire and flag burning after dinner. Scottie showed up. She was my C.I.T. counselor. Rahsaa tried to record us singing after all everything had died down. I don't' know how well it turned out. There were a few discourteous people (Patch!) who wouldn't shut up while we were taping. Back at Klickitat we talked until I fell asleep. I think Brier was recording on her iPod.

Sunday morning, we did some more hiking so Scottie and Krypton could see the things they'd missed. We ended with lunch in Hood River and actually got some Mike's Ice Cream on it's last day open for the season. Then we drove home.

After we showered, Ebi and I went to find Ace who couldn't make it tot he party. We got to her house just as her brother was dropping her off. We got some Thai food and looked at pictures. It was great to see her too. She was my camp Big Sister.

We just killed time on Monday. We wondered over to Clark College. I didn't have time to see my sister. She had a class or a test or something. I met Krypton in the airport again. We have the same concourse to go home.

My mom told me that the camp was crappy when I went there, she can only imagine what it looks like now. I say it's not crappy, it's rustic. It definitely was not in the disrepair I thought. There was even hot showers! I couldn't take much home from Camp Arrowhead, except for memories. I was able to take a cooper plate back. I made sure I said goodbye in my own way. No one knows the future of the camp right now. I heard we had to raise $100,000 by March 1. I hope it will be around for more people to enjoy.

Ready to go!!

The money shot. The view from the Staff House.

Bird House #2. I shared it with Graham in 2000.

Inch and Krypton. Tent Mates 1992, 1994-1996.

Half of the 1996 CIT gang.

Classic Scottie look.

The only place in camp you can run. The Meadow!

"Downstairs." The Staff House.

Crooked House. Proof of the landslide.

Pool Buddy Board.

Jinn in the pool.

Scottie and Krypton.

Ebi in Loowit. The only remains of the time she burnt down her cabin.

Upper Twin Lake.

Griffin, Inch, and Ebi at Twin Lakes. All recipients of the "Idiot Badge."

Celilo. I did was Silver Award project here.

Jinn in the Crooked House.

Jinn, Ebi, and Griffin in the Crooked House.

Duck Lake Lodge.

Duck Lake Lodge.

Yew Gorge.

Yew Gorge.

Tepee Critter Can.

Trapper's Cabin

Water Tower.

Jinn climbing up the ladder to the Water Tower.

Jinn trying to open the Water Tower door.

The Retreat in W'y East.

The forgotten Chippewa Table.


Tepee with no cover.

Ebi pulling on the Tepee string.

Jenga Jinn.

Don't worry, she is a good loser.


W'y East.

Lower Bif.

Corn Crib.

Corn Crib.

Corn Crib.


Home Lake.

Krypton and Inch, Platter Pilots 1994.


Corn Crib.

Corn Crib.

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I don't know if you are familiar with those who worked at Arrowhead before the water problem, but if you are, do you know what happened with Fern? Or her real name, Erin Leider? I can't find out anything about her, and I've been wanting to contact her.
you can email me at ''
She doesn't have a current myspace, from what I can tell.
Anyway possible, please help.