Saturday, November 03, 2007

Camp Arrowhead Pics That I Stole

These pics are all different sizes because I stole from various people and websites. I think they are mainly from Annie Krambuhl, Ladybug, and Griffin. Hopefully, they will get bigger when you click on them.

Cheesiah sign.

Wa-Nee-Ya Sign.

Onward to Camp Arrowhead!

Trough at Teepee.

Looking up into a Tepee.

Panoramic Pic of the Climbing Wall.

Group Picture I Missed. We were wandering around.
Hana, Hunter, Ladybug, Dewdrop, Rahsaa, Chiquita, YooHoo, Quijibo, Parasite, Giggles, & Annie K.

Klickitat Girl.

I dunno...


Hike like an Egyptian.


Parasite and Quijibo


Ebi and Jinn aren't scared of BBQ Man!

Looking up the Climbing Wall.

Jinn, Mountain Rat, and Ladybug.

Good times.

Home Lake.

Boat House.

Any way for fun!

Quijibo looks like this normally...

Parasite climbs the wall.

Lodge Fireplace.

The Ravine.

Girls Bathroom.

Corn Crib.

Wind Mountain from SR 14.

Crooked House.

Arcuschay Bog. (Excuse my spelling!)

Who reads signs anyway?

Singing Logs.

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