Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Arrowhead Updates

The sale has been delayed until March 1st. In the meantime, we need to come up with a lot of money and some other things. I am pretty out of the loop because of being so far away. But, now is the time to donate. If you are looking to make a tax deductible donation to a good cause before the new year, how about saving a Girl Scout camp in Washington? Send your money to

Girl Scouts - Columbia River Council, Inc.
Attn: Camp Arrowhead Support
9620 SW Barbur Blvd
Portland, OR 97219

Make sure your money is designated for Camp Arrowhead Support.

A few task forces have been set up to help get everything moving. They have a blog too. Check out:
Camp Arrowhead at Wind Mountain Task Force Updates. Also, the nonprofit group Friends of Camp Arrowhead is moving along. However, they are not 501 (c) (3) yet, so donations to that group are not tax deductible.

On a sad note, during the Retirement Campout, some people decided to take more than just pictures. Lots of things from camp were pilfered. Here is a note from Calliope (Kathleen McDade) about the theft:

Okay, I'm putting on my former camp director hat now to make a speech. Items are missing from Arrowhead.
I know, some of them were removed by Council staff. I have been assured that the items are safe (although I'm not happy about the flagpole at Home Lake).
Other items apparently disappeared during the Retirement Party/Reunion weekend at the end of October. Missing items include blue tents, at least one large, plastic box of dishes and cooking equipment from a unit house, and several signs.
Needless to say, our CEO, Cynthia Hamilton is not happy about this. But beyond that, even if these items have sentimental value, they do have sentimental value to many of us, not just to you. For instance, unit house signs -- yes, these are very special. The artwork is unique. This artwork was actually used for many years in camp staff manuals as well. It has meaning for many people, and we want the signs to be there when the camp reopens.
Things like tents and kitchen equipment will be essential to the operation of the camp as well.
In short, we need it back. And even if you think you'd like to hold onto it until keeping the camp is final, it would be a show of good faith to just give it back now. We are trying to work as a team with council staff to keep the camp, and having things go missing doesn't help with that. If things were to go bad, I assure you that I and others would work to make sure that items with sentimental or historic value were preserved in some way.
If you have stuff or know where it is, you can return it with no questions asked -- either drop it off in the council's lobby during business hours, marked "Camp Arrowhead", or you can drop it on my front porch.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. (removes hat)

So, if you have anything, please return it. Because her next message is:

This was discussed again at the last Task Force meeting, and Cynthia said that if items are not returned, they will have to file a police report. We set a deadline of December 1 for getting the items returned. If you know anyone who might need this information, please pass it along.

Well, all you Arrowhead folk, have a great Thanksgiving!

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