Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trip of Mishaps

Last weekend we decided to go camping. Last weekend just happened to be the hottest weekend of the year. What was I thinking? Friday David got sick from dehydration, so we weren't able to leave to our original destination of Possum Kingdom State Park. Saturday morning, when he felt better, we decided to go somewhere closer. We drove an hour and a half east to Lake Tawakoni. When we got there, it wasn't what we had expected. We talked to some rangers and they thought we would be better suited at Purtis Creak State Park. So, we drove 45 minutes south to Eustace, TX. We stopped on the way at a random person's house, called the Oak Creek Ranch, and asked him for some firewood. He gave it to us, free of charge. By the time we got to Purtis Creek, it was 3 PM. It was so hot outside. We got one of the primitive camping spots. But it was so hot, that we couldn't even load the boat and paddle it to the camp site. We would have had to take 3 trips. So, we ended up taking an RV spot, which was the reason we left Lake Tawakoni in the first place. When we got everything set up, we could barely move. I thought I was going to faint getting the canoe off the truck. We paddled over to the shade and finally got to relax. David started fishing. His lure was called a "dual-action jitterbug." Which made "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go-" by Wham immediately fill my head. Trying to swim, was impossible. The water was really gross. So, we took a shower in the bath house instead. Starting the fire for dinner was difficult too. We spent a lot of energy fanning it because all the free wood was rotten and wouldn't light. But, dinner of Hobo Stew was great. David couldn't sleep in the tent it was so hot. I didn't mind the tent, but there was no breeze. Sunday, we got up and got the heck out of there. I was sweating by 8:30 AM. We stopped in Mabank at the Chuck Wagon for breakfast. When we got home around 1 PM, David thought the apartment was a little hot. It was 84 degrees. It got up to 90 degrees in there before the maintenance guy was able to get there to fix it. We had to leave and get cool. So, we saw the movie Sicko. It was so depressing. I was just so glad when I got to sleep in my own cool bed by 9 PM that night.

David fixing the tie-downs.

Purtis Creek.

The camera lens was fogging up because of the humidity.

Sign pic.

Smooches for David.

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