Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Double Trouble

Not really, but it rhymed.

We to 2 weddings this weekend. The first one was for Ray Morgan, David's friend, Matt's dad. It was very sweet. It was at North Mesquite Baptist Church in Mesquite. Matt pointed out a few times that he was baptized in that church. We got to see baby Lincoln and mama Michelle, which was nice. What a cutie! David was the videographer for the wedding. He did a great job keeping the camera still and panning the audience so you could see everyone there. The reception was in the church hall. There was cake, punch, almonds, and this milkshake concoction that have coffee in it. Yummy!

We went out to dinner at i Fratelli with David's family for dinner. Everyone ordered pizza and salads except for David. What a rebel! We stopped by his mom's house to check out a little of Forrest Gump before it was on to the next one.

David's friend, Bryan's sister, Melissa was the bride. By the time we got there, people were so drunk they were hard to understand. It was in a bar that they had rented out in Grand Prairie. We stayed for the toast and a few pictures, then we left. It had been a long day!

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