Friday, July 20, 2007

Boogie Woogie in Big D

Last Saturday, we went to the Taste of Dallas. It was far inferior to the Taste Addison, but we weren't there for the food. We ate at Fish Monger's before we left. We met up with Dirk and his kids in the West End. The Reverend Horton Heat was supposed to go on at 11:00 PM. They ended up starting at 11:30 PM, but it was worth the wait. There wasn't many people there. David got a spot in the front; I stood back with Dirk and the kids. The Reverend wore a burnt orange blazer with embroidered longhorns on it and black tuxedo pants with a burnt orange stripe. Hook 'em Horns! David was convinced they were police pants. Jimbo was as cool as he usually is with his stand up bass painted with flames. They have a new drummer, named Paul Simmons. The format is the same for every show. A few old favorites, a few new ones, then requests. But this time, he heard my request for "Bales of Cocaine." And he winked at me! After Dirk and the kids left, David scooted me in front of him, so I was up against the barrier. The excited Mexican man next to me called out all the other requests for the night. Then they played a few covers. I had never heard them sing "Folsom Prison Blues" in person. Paul, the drummer, sung an Ozzy song. A few people got on stage around 1 AM. The roadies/bouncers were not pleased. After the show Jimbo came around and shook our hands. I was so excited!! David told him we would see him next month when they came to the House of Blues. Can't wait for the next one!

Our summer concert tour this year will also includes Reel Big Fish on July 29th and Velvet Revolver with Alice In Chains in September. I am on the fence about Queens of the Stone Age on September 16th.

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