Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Weekend

This post seems a little late, but oh well. I kicked off Easter weekend by working at the City of Plano Eggs Over Easy Egg Hunt. It is always fun to see little kidos run around like maniacs picking up eggs. It was so cold though. By the end of the hunt, it started to snow. That night, David and I got free tickets to the Texas Rangers game with some friends. It was coldest game in Rangers history at 37 degrees. Our seats were in center field, but we moved after the 2nd inning. Our friends had really good seats and we were going to sit by them, but the only seats open were in the very front row! We sat right behind 1st base. Sammy Sosa hit a home run. They won 8 - 3, I think.

David went to church with me on Sunday. I wanted him to have a full Catholic experience in the big church. (Rather than the old gym where I usually go.) We got there 1/2 hour early and there wasn't even standing room. So, we went over to the non impressive gym for the 10:10 service. We got Father Postel, so the mass was like lightning. After church, we watched a movie and baked some cookies. Then we went to his mom's house for lunch. We fell asleep while watching season 3 of In Living Color. That show is so funny! Then David went back to work and I went home to have an Easter pizza for dinner. It was a great Easter!

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