Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tales of Heroism and Bravery

Once upon a time, in a land very near to Plano, a princess and a knight went for a twilight stroll in a babbling brook...or something like that.

The other day, David and I went on another adventure in a rock bottom creek under Highway 121 near Custer Road. The water was perfect. It only came up to my knees and there were lots of rocks to skip. We hadn't travel far when David thought he would try to scare with the thought of snakes in the water. I thought, "ha ha, very funny," until I actually saw them wrapped around a tree coming out the water. David got closer and realized there were 2 snakes tangled in a fishing net, tangled around the tree. Sir David to the rescue! He took a stick and got the net off the tree. Then the dragged it to shore. He held the heads down with a industrial bolt and cut them free with his pocket knife. When they slithered away, I could see that they we about 2 - 3 feet long. It was like watching MacGyvr in action. The snakes hissed and tried to bite him, but he was determined to set them free. I, of course, was biting my nails the whole time. I was convinced they were going to bite his hand off and I would have to drive his huge truck myself!

...and the sun sets on another adventure of Princess Sara and the brave Sir David.

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