Monday, September 13, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary

David and I made it to our 1st Wedding Anniversary!  This has not been an easy year.  David got very sick when we got home from our honeymoon in New Zealand.  He has been hospitalized 4 times this year so far and we have 1 more to go.  That is what we have been concentrating on this whole time.  We were able to buy a house and move out of our apartment two months into the marriage. I transferred to a new job in March.  We have had almost all the life changes possible in 1 year.

We took the whole weekend off for our anniversary.  We went to the restaurant where we had our 1st date in Plano called Obzeet's.  We sat on the patio, ate dinner, drank martinis, and listened to a cover band.  On our 1st date we went to Two Rows for dessert, but it has since closed down.  We reminisced about what we did for our other anniversaries.  I said, "What did we do for our 3rd anniversary?"  He said, "I don't remember."  We thought for a while, then I said, "Wait a sec!  We got married!  Oh yeah, now I remember."  After, we went home and had cake from the bakery that made our wedding cake, Sweet Art Bakery.  It was delish!

The Bingham House, where we were married.

1st Anniversary Pic


Family Pic, David choking Scully.

Our cake.

Lemon with Strawberry Filling!

Flowers David gave me.

I love flower close-ups.

Pretty roses.

Us at the Bingham House

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