Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Night Fiesta!

Jodi's Oscar Party this year had a Mexican flare.  Elbert made fajitas and margaritas.  They were delicious, as usual.  We all pondered over our ballots.  I decided to go with The Hurt Locker all the way.  Mostly, because I didn't see Avatar.  To everyone's shock and Jodi's horror, I brought home the Oscar again this year.  My score was 35.  I got all the major categories and a bunch of random little categories.  Who really knows who will win best Sound Editing?  It's always a guess.  Jodi can redeem herself next year.

Blythe with the paua shell I brought her.

Little mischevious Blythe.

Artsy Fartsy Stephanie took this one.  I just liked it.

I would like to thank the Academy.

Jodi presenting me the Oscar.

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