Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dorian's 30th B-Day!

We celebrated Dorian's birthday at his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden in Addison.  Dorian actually got there early to get a table.  Maybe his old age is making him want to eat earlier in the day.  The food was great like usual.  I got the spaghetti and meat sauce.  But I really just ate the salad and breadsticks.  The spaghetti will be today's lunch!  David, Sandy, Gordon, and I got Dorian an iTunes gift card.  Steve got him some pink sweat bands.  And he got a plethora of cards.  Good times!

Dorian & Coffy.

Coffy & Bryan.

Bryan & tired Tess.

David & Me.

Mary & Dorian.

Table shot.

Dorian, Stephanie, & Sandi.

Breadsticks are yummy!

Pink looks good on Dorian.

Everyone loves Dora!

Tess checking out the Dora card.

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