Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas 2009

This was a very different Christmas this year. I had to close on Christmas Eve at the rec center. That is no big deal because we close at 5 PM. But it started to snow on my way in to work and I was sick. That means it could only get worse from there. Texas drivers aren't the best in this weather. I only worked 4 hours before I was back out on the street trying to come home. I stopped at the apartment to pick up the decoration box that we forgot to move. Santa can't come if there are no stockings hung! It took me 2 hours in all to get home. Good thing I was smart enough to start a crock pot meal before I went to work. We pretty much just ate and went to bed.

When we woke up in the morning, we had at least an inch of snow and ice on the ground. A White Christmas! Due to my sickness and the weather we had to cancel all family plans. David and I exchanged stocking stuffers. I got him an American flag and he got me work gloves. My "real" present was a 10 inch digital picture frame. It's super awesome. I got him so car part about a month ago from eBay. We tried to take Scully out in the snow. She was not into it. After a leftovers lunch, we went to David's work, then back to the apartment. We tried going to the grocery store for charcoal we had forgotten. And all of them were closed. What a mess! But we found it at a 7-11.

It was a good Christmas, but next year will be merrier!

Snow tracks.

Our frozen street.

Our front yard with the dead-ish tree.

No Xmas lights this year. Maybe next time.

The land across the street. There are horses in there somewhere.

David is fixin' to throw a snowball at me.

Moguls in the back of David's truck.

Our back yard.

Scully and me are kickin' it in bed.

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