Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Big Move

Well, the big moved has finally happened. David and I are now residents of Krugerville, Texas!

We started off on Saturday morning with David being as sick as a dog! I got us breakfast and Sandy and Bobby came over to help move boxes. I felt so disorganized. The 1st load was in our cars. Sandy helped us moved so many little boxes. After the 1st load, Sandy had to leave. Bobby and I returned to the apartment with Jenny and Jared who came fresh from their honeymoon! When we got there, Tim and Melissa were ready to help. We really had an all-star crew. We loaded up a majority of the furniture and the rest of the boxes. After we unloaded those, we were so dead tired. We crashed at the Prairie House restaurant in Cross Roads.

Sunday morning we were right back at it. Bobby, Melissa and Tim helped me clear out the apartment. Tim took down the ceiling fan single-handedly. David and his friends, John and Aaron, cleared out some of the heavy stuff from the garage.

Scully is very nervous in the house still. David was convinced the house was haunted the first night we slept there. He said Scully was looking at something that wasn't there, just like in the Animal Planet show, "The Haunted." I think she is just a spaz. She has already crapped on the new carpet. David was so happy about that. Scully hangs out in our room and doesn't explore the other side of the house. Which is lame because I want her new cat box spot to be in the laundry room.

We are still emptying boxes and making adjustments. We painted and got new carpet. We took all the doors off. We are adjusting to the septic and aerobic systems. My 1st shower there was worse than any one I took at Camp Arrowhead. It will be nice when we have all our appliances in and can stop eating out. And now after the move is over, I am the one who is sick!

I know we are going to love it here!

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