Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Weekend: Saturday, Part 2

The After Party at Holiday Inn Express Breakfast was fun! It was good to be able to hang out with everyone and talk. And not be cramped or have to worry about people we didn't know. It was still raining when we got there. After lugging everything up to the our room, I took a shower. We came back down and played the game Catch Phrase for a while. That game is classic! It started out as only 4 of use playing and ended with 12 or 13. I think we had an uneven number. Dad bought us pizza, bread sticks, salad, and lasagna for a place called Crazy Tomatoes. It must have moved into Allen after I moved out. But the garlic sauce on their bread sticks was good! After dinner, it had stopped raining for a little bit, so Aunt Susie, Jenelle, and I went to go watch Scott skate at the Allen Skate Park. He is really good. Hopefully you can view the videos below. David and I retired to our room around 9. Then came back down to see Tim, Melissa, and Aunt Judy who were fashionably late. I was so tired I couldn't stay up. It had been a long, fun day.

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