Friday, September 18, 2009

Wedding Weekend: Friday

Friday morning was the rehearsal at the Bingham House. My dad came over to our apartment in the morning and helped us lug everything down the stairs. It wasn't raining anymore, but it was really humid. My dad was sweating so bad! We were a little late to rehearsal, but it worked out okay. We set up the reception hall. We were able to practice outside on the lawn because it wasn't too muddy. But we practiced inside too just in case.

We had lunch at Poppy's Garden Cafe in McKinney. We had to eat inside the banquet room. It was a little dark. We ate flat iron steak and rosemary chicken, whipped potatoes, and mixed veggies. Dessert was flourless choclate cake and strawberry cheese cake. All of it was delicious. David and I handed out our thank you gifts. David gave his groommens their favorite liquor. I gave my bridemaids tote bags witht heir names embroidered and some bath stuff.

After lunch, we all went our separate ways. My family went back to the hotel and hung out in my sister's room. I tried to get them to go bowling again, but no one was into it. Bummer. It started to really storm outside. There was thunder and lightning. I knew we would not be able to do the wedding outside at that point. We ate at the Cheesecake factory. David was coming to eat with us from home. Halfway there he got a flat tire. His spare was flat too. His brother, John, had to go pick him up. He never made it to dinner. I went home right after to get enough sleep for the wedding the next day.

Check out Facebook for more rehearsal shots.

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