Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedding Work Day Part 2

We got so much work done, that I didn't even have time take any pictures. I feel so much better now. I am a lot less stressed. We started off in the morning finishing the wedding wish cards. My mom and I did that before anyone showed up. When Tommie and Danielle showed up we worked ont eh programs. Bobby had folded them already for us. That was a big help. Sandy and Jan came over right before lunch. We filled the lavendar enevelopes and waited for the pizza. We realized that the trail mix favor sample I had made the night before was leaving greas spots on the favor bags. So Tommie and Mom went out to find plastic treat bags. In the meantime, we samples 3 champagnes. When Tommie and Mom came back we were able to finish 80 of the 100 favor bags. Mom and I had to go back to Sprouts the next day to be able to finish them off. We got some help from David for that.

Thank you so mcuh for everyone who came to the work days! I would be a nervouse wreck without you!

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