Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding Work Day

Saturday, I had a wonderful group of people over at my house to help David and I will our wedding tasks. Actually, this is the first time we have had anyone in our house for more than a few minutes. Sandy, Jan, John, Melissa, Tommie, and Leah helped us put together the invitations, champagne glasses, gift bags, favor boxes, and wedding wish cards. It was a very productive day! I will have to have another work day closer to the wessing date to put some more stuff together. I hope you all can join us again.

A completed invitation.

David was a good boy during the work day.

The group! It couldn't have been done without them!

Leah working the Cricut.

Jan lining up a wedding wish card.

I am showing Leah how to work the Cricut.

Go, go, gadget Cricut!

John can't see a thing! Maybe paper cutting wasn't he best job for him.

Showing John how to use the paper cutter.

Lanterns and favor boxes.

Sandy and Melissa did a great job with the champagne glasses.

Sandy and Tommie are the bow masters!

Hot Texas magnets for the out-of-towners.

Leah assembling the gift bags.

Completed invitations and favor boxes.

Sandy is working the bows.

John and Jan sticking stickers and stamps.

I did all the calligraphy by hand.

The invite.

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