Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tubing On The Brazos

Last weekend, David and I went tubing on the Brazos River near Cleburne. We went with a bunch of his friends from high school and their friends and their friends. There was a lot of people there. We rented tubes at a place called Rhodes. They drove us to a drop off point. We picked up three tubes. One for me, one for David, and one for the cooler. The river was slow and shallow. But the weather was nice and the water was a good temperature. The float lasted about 4 hours. It was a nice relaxing time. Some cows came up to drink by eh river, but some drunks scared them away. Toward the end I lost my sunglasses in the river. we went to Applebee's after where I froze my butt off! I was wet and sunburned. I found out that hard way that my sunscreen is not water proof. David did too. He didn't bother putting any on until we were all ready wet. On the way home, I noticed my toenail (the bad one) felt funny. I touched it and realized it was no longer connected. I cut the whole thing off when I got home. It must have been from all the tinme in water. Anyway, it was super fun and I would like to go again.

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