Monday, June 08, 2009

Race For The Cure 2009

We had a great time at the Race For The Cure this weekend. This was my 5th race. It was my 3rd as captain of the Plano Cure-saders team. We had 45 people this year. I decided to go with brown and pink t-shirts this year. They are easier to see since everyone is wearing a white t-shirt. We had a "Bling Party" before the race. We all dedicated our shirts to loved ones who have been affected by cancer. I wrote, "Wow Wee! I Miss You Aunt Kathy" on mine. She passed away about 2 years ago from breast cancer.

David and I started out late that day. So we met the team just in time at the rec center. We carpooled over to the race parking garage. Then we met up again at the team photo area. Getting our picture taken was a hot mess. We had 2 photographers fighting over us. We didn't know who to listen too. After we finally got our picture taken, we broke up to start the race. Nastia Liukin, the gymnastist, was there to fire the starting gun. I had this great plan to take a shortcut out because I had somewhere to be at 11 AM. I missed it because I was talking. We made a cut off right before the finish line though. I think the whole race took us an hour and 15 minutes or so. I forgot my watch, so I didn't time it. Thank you to everyone who came with us. I hope to see you again next year.

David and I after the race.

Candice, me, Jayme, and Dorian taking a break.

Stephanie goes Vulcan.

Good times with the fam.

Mary and Zeke. He's such a good dog.

David and I before the race.

The Carpenter Crew.

Me with the Camp Counselors, Katie, Danielle, and Charli.

Jayme, Candice, Mary, Stephanie, and Zeke.

My blinged out shirt.

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