Monday, February 02, 2009

Wheatgrass Experiment

I came up with an idea for the wedding to have centerpieces made out of wheatgrass. I thought it would be a creative way to save money. I could grow it myself and then transplant it to something decorative. I wanted to try to grow it first before I committed to it.

I searched everywhere for the seeds. I knew I could get them off the Internet, but I didn't want such a large quantity. I finally found some at Central Market. It was labeled Prairie Gold. I bought 22 cents worth and some Miracle Grow. I didn't think they would grow because they looked like toasted kernels of wheat. I soaked them in water for 6 hours. Then sprinkled them on top of the soil. Within 3 days I had sprouts! After 7 days, the grass was so tall it was ready to be cut. I tried grabbing a hold of the grass and pulling it out of the pot. The roots were long and tangly. And the dirty wasn't easy to get off. So, I cut it with regular scissors at the base and put the clump back in the pot. It was long enough to fill one small vase. The grass I put back in in the pot continued to grow for the next two weeks.

I am talking to florists right now. They seem to think it would be easier to grow it in the container you would like to present it in. Cutting the grass to transplant it is the best way because the dirt is really hard to get off and looks bad. I don't know what I am going to do with it right now. For the small amount that it produced, I would need to grow a lot to get what I am looking for. I don't think I have enough space. We'll see...

Prairie Gold wheat berries from Central Market.

Day 3

Day 5

In the vase on Day 8.

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