Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 4: Sunshine On My Shoulders

...Makes me happy. Sitting in a car, not so much. We drove to Loveland again. This time to continue "David and Sara's Junkyard Tour of America." We visited 2. One place wouldn't let us in the yard. Lame! The other place had some fun things to look at. David didn't get anything though. On Highway 34, we made 2 more stops. We stopped at the Dam Store. We didn't buy anything, but with a name like that how could you not stop? Then we went to the Indian Village where I bought a dreamcatcher for my collection. It was made by a Navajo person. It's a little lopsided, but that is what makes it unique. David says he liked my collection, as long as no one else can see it. It's a little cheesey. After lunch, we went to the Rocky Mountain National Park. We did a very short hike at the Bear Lake Trailhead. We went to Nymph Lake and Bear Lake. We went back and cooked chicken kabobs for dinner. They weren't that great. But the banana boats for desert were!
A Settler's Jay at Bear Lake.

Mountain peaks and Bear Lake.

David cooking freedom fries on the camp stove.

Copper plate, baby!

Nymph Lake, not to be confused with Nympho Lake.

David and I, lakeside.

The mountains behind Nymph Lake.

David and I at Nymph Lake.

A gnarly root system of a down tree. It felt smooth and was shiny.

David at the Loveland junkyard.

Roadside tepee.

Tepee and me.

A chipmunk on the Nymph Lake Trail eating a potato chip. Don't worry. We didn't feed him.

Mountain peaks through the trees on the Nymph Lake Trail.

Dam store.

Crazy crow-like bird that kept eating the food we dropped.

The Stanley Hotel. This hotel was used in one of the versions of The Shining.

View from the Stanley Hotel.

David and I on top of the Dam Tower.

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