Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 1: Rocky Mountain High

We got up very early on Saturday, 8/9/08, to go on our summer vacation. We left Carrollton at 2 AM. Despite all the directions we got from other people, we took David's directions. He did most of the driving. We drove north on I-35 through Oklahoma and into Kanas. We encountered some really scary weather. It was thundering and lightning. It rained so hard, we had to go 40 mph on the freeway. We had to call David's friend, John Carpenter, to get directions around Salina. Turns out he was on the road coming towards us. So we met up in Limon, Colorado for lunch. We reached Estes Park, Colorado around 6 PM. It was still a little rainy when we got there. We were so exhausted. The view of the mountains was a great relief though. It took us 16 hours to get there! We checked in at our campground, National Park Retreats. We set up our tents and then went in to town to get dinner and some groceries. Once we had everything we crashed out in our sleeping bags.

David, the driver.

John's big rig.

David and John kicking the tires.

His CB handle would be "Diesel Daddy."

BFFs John and David.

A roadside sunflower, how poetic.

The Estes Perk (coffe shop) hummingbirds.

There are so many of them!

Coming in to Estes Park.

Some rocky mountains.

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