Sunday, January 27, 2008

Family Scrapbook

My favorite scrapbooking store, Recollections, is going out of business. So, I went and cleaned up on a lot of stuff they had left over. I got a bunch of stuff to start my family scrapbook that I have been thinking about for a few years. The idea is to have 2 12x12 pages for each person in the family. On one page, I would like to write a narrative about that person.

That is where you come in. I don't know everything about every person. I would like to start with the people who have passed away. At the end of this blog is a little survey I worked up. Please fill it out to your best ability about each one of the following people. Gallaghers - Kathy Capitelli, Lenny Gibson, John "Skeets" Gallagher, and Rosemary Gibson. Andersons - Oscar "Andy" Anderson, Jr. and Oscar E. Anderson, Sr. If there is something I left out, you can add it. Please feel free to pass it on to people without email.

Also, I need pictures for the book. I am looking for picture from all stages of life. Baby pictures, High School graduation, your favorite picture of them,Wedding pictures. When I get my tax return I am going to get a scanner, so if you don't want to me keep the picture, I can send it back. Depending on the size, I will need about 5 good pictures of each person. Thank you for you help!

Full Name:

Birth Date:

Birth Place:

Immediate Family (Parents, Brothers, Sisters):

Cities/States Where They Lived & Years:



Marriages (Name, Date, Location):

Children (Names, Birth Dates):

Military Service:


Volunteer Service:


Death (Cause, Date, Location):

Your Favorite Memory With Them:

Something That Make you Think of Them (Quotes, Colors, Songs):

Other Special Information:

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