Monday, January 14, 2008

David's Austin Birthday Trip

A few months ago, I won 2 tickets for the Austin Steam Train at work. They were about to expire, so I asked David if he would want to go to the train for his birthday. It only took about 3 1/2 hours to get there. We stayed at the North Austin Suites. It had a good deal on Orbitz. We both had colds. So it wasn't as wild and crazy of weekend as it could have been. Saturday, David's birthday, we took the train ride. It was 66 miles round trip. It was call the Hill Country Flyer. We went to a small town called Burnet. We didn't have very long there, only enough time to eat at a place called Andy's Landing. Most of the little touristy stores were closed anyway. There was a gun fight put on by the Burnet Gun Society. It wasn't anything like you see at Disneyland. They insisted that they used real bullets. I doubt it. The engine was not actually a steam engine. That one was out to be repaired. It was a diesel engine. So, David had hours of fun talking trains with the volunteers. There wasn't too many points of interest, but there was a crazy llama. It tended a flock of geese and goats. And it had it's own Mercedes! There was also about 6 huge marble rocks and had fallen off the train back in like 1876 or something. There are in such a bad place, it was cheaper to go back and get new rocks. There was also the 10th largest structure in the world, a really tall radio tower. Talk about excitement! Anyway, we had dinner at a place on Lake Austin, called the Hula Hut. I got one of those Keep Austin Weird T-shirts. I'm so trendy. Then we tried to go to 6th Street, but we were just so sick it wasn't worth it. Sunday, we played disc golf at a park. It was great weather. David launched his into the water and went after it. So, his shoes were totally soaked. So, we went home. Austin is a nice place. I wouldn't mind going there again to camp or something.

Hu La La!

David playing Frisbee golf.

Launching it far.

He should have taken this picture from the other direction...

Hill Country Flyer

This is the worst picture we have taken in a while. The wind was out of control!

In our seats.

State Capitol Building.

Capitol building at night.

Our car. Coach A.

Diesel engine.

This is a stick up! Get it...

The Sheriff.

Burnet Station.

David with his feet on the bed.

Little red caboose, chug, chug, chug...

Little red caboose, chug, chug, chug...

Behind the train, train, train, train...

Long train.

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