Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Ball 2007

It ain't over yet! We have one more game next week at 9 PM on Field 9. All are invited. So far this fall, we have a 3 - 4 record. I wish I would have kept the score for the whole year. We decided to skip the Winter season this year. Anyway, I decided to take pictures at this game because it was early and I thought I would have more light. Not so much... I had to doctor a few pictures. They aren't that great of quality.

In this game, we played the One Hit Wonders on Field 8 of Heritage Yards in Plano. They had beat us the last time we played them. But they had the worst record in our league. Everyone hit very well. The score was 14 - 9. Sean Scruggs had an in-the-park home run! Dirk Rochette had a "hold your breath" slide into 2nd base. It was a very fun game.

Walking off the field after another victory. Why am I so cheesey?

Dirk rapping Michelle's ankle.

Amy and Jordan.

Michelle and Jeff on base.

Team pic 2007.

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