Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camp Arrowhead Petition

I wrote pretty much everyone I know an email today about the Camp Arrowhead Petition. If you didn't get it, here it is:

As you may know, growing up in Washington, I was very active with the Columbia River Girl Scout Council. Specifically, I attended and worked at Camp Arrowhead in Stevenson. Over the 10years I went there, I learned a lot about leadership, courage, and self esteem. I also made a lot of friends and had an awesome time camping.

Recently, the CRGSC has decided to sell the camp without consulting their members. I could go into details if you wanted. But the gist of this email is that I need your signature on an online petition to stop the sale. The auction is scheduled for November1st. Below is the link. I would appreciate if you took some time to sign it. (Or can I borrow 2.4 million dollars to buy the camp? I'm good for it...)

Please Sign!!

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