Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kathleen Margaret Gibson Capitelli 6/15/1949 - 5/18/2007

My Aunt Kathy was a hoot! She had a convertible with a license plate that said "WowWee." I remember staying at her house for New Year's when it was turning 1997. I told my parents I really wanted to go to Times Square and my Dad got us 1st class tickets out there. Of course, he wouldn't let us actually go there to see the ball drop. But during that trip and another in the summer of 1997, my Aunt Kathy was our tour guide to the city. Follow the lady with the umbrella! At the time she volunteered at Central Park Zoo and Kykuit Mansion. That was the vacation I realized, I never wanted to live in New York. And I also learned that vacation was all about food. I remember her saying a few time when talking about a certain restaurant, "the food is to die for, service...not so good." The last time I saw her was at my cousin Mark's wedding in October 2004. That is where the picture below was taken. (I had another one somewhere of her and my Uncle Joe at my parent's wedding. It was a great picture, but I can't find it on a disk.)

She has had breast cancer for as long as I can really remember. It came and went a few times. But she never lost her sense of humor! It got the best of her last Friday night. I am very sad to see her go, but at least she is not in pain anymore. And she gets to be with my Uncle Joe!

Please donate in her name to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I will be running in the Race for the Cure on June 2nd in her honor. Thank you.

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