Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ebi Does Dallas

Last weekend, I had my first visitor in 5 years! Kate "Ebi" Budd came to visit me from Friday to Monday. She flew into Love Field. We started off with an impromptu tour of Downtown Dallas because we got lost finding a place called Lee Harvey's. It was a quaint place with outdoor fire pits and skin heads. Even though no one believes me. :) Anyway, I thought I had fixed the leak in the air mattress, but I guess not because Ebi ended up sleeping on the floor that night. Sorry! We went to Turner Falls, Oklahoma in Saturday. It rained a little but it wasn't a big deal. We walked up Honey Creek and explored some of the hills. There was a lot more people there this time. We met some people who had a really cute dog called a "Puggle." It was part Beagle, part Pug. It looked like a black lab to me. The lady said it's maximum weight would be 10 pounds. What a cutie! We saw some the caves there and a different castle. I still haven't gotten any pictures of the castle there. Then we went home and had dinner with Aubrie, Bryan, and Stephanie at the California Pizza Kitchen. The next day, we took the DART to the West End. We went to the Sixth Floor Museum. I made it out without crying this time. Ebi was disappointed that the City of Dallas didn't take more care of Dealey Plaza and the JFK Memorial. I agreed. I tried to show her the touristy area of Dallas, but it is pretty closed down. There is nothing left in the West End except about 10 restaurants and a whole lot of bums. We rode the DART back and went to go see the new Molly Shannon movie at the Angelika. Monday morning, we ate at the Waffle House, a Dallas landmark. Then we went to the Galleria for some Texas shopping. I had to drop her off a little early because I had to work at the pool that night. I am so glad I finally got a visitor. Maybe I will get another one in the next 5 years!

JFK Memorial

Us at the JFK Memorial.

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