Sunday, February 25, 2007

Camp Arrowhead Closing 2007

Camp Arrowhead is closed for the summer due to safety concerns. A water main broke last summer and it was never fixed. Camp Arrowhead is old. But it's got a lot of character and charm. The camp is actually situated on a land slide area. It moves about an inch a year. Because of this, the lake is getting smaller and buildings are moving. But it is nothing that love and regular maintenance can't fix.

This is so disappointing for many people. I spent 10 summers there. I think I had every job there was except Camp Director. But being there inspired me to become a Camp Director someday. Camp holds many special memories for me. I had a great time. I met my best friends there.

Anyone in that area needs to do what they can to help Camp Arrowhead get reopened for 2008. We have to stay positive. Do what you can to persuade council to spend the money and time. Let me know what I can do from here.

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