Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow Day 2006

Every year, we have 1 snow day. Last year, on that faithful day, I got a squirrel stuck in my chimney while there was a fire going. But that is a different story... This year, they aren't officially calling it a snow day. They are calling the "snow" ice pellets or sleet. Where I am it looks like snow flurries to me. Of course it only lasted about a half hour, but it's fun to watch. I have a cold right now and I just hanging out until I have to go to work. The TV is saying it is 29 degrees here. They anticipate it getting colder later on today. Snow is a big deal around here, but is it so important that they need to cancel All My Childern? That sucks. Maybe I will be lucky and get to close the Rec Center an hour early!

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