Sunday, October 01, 2006

Will Bowl for Work

Friday was our 3rd annual Recreation Department Bowling Party at the Plano Super Bowl. This was the first one I was able to attend. I like that place much better than Main Event. All 5 of us were able to go. We left the Rec Center to the devices of John, Dick, and Mary. We ate pizza and salad and bowled 2 games. Jodi won a Chili's gift certificate in the drawing. Tommy Shurn from Oak Point challenged Carpenter Park to a bowling duel, but it didn't really pan out. Which is good because I bowled like crap. All 5 of us started out on a lane, and the first 2 frames I went without knocking down one pin! Then Coffy, Steve, and I moved to a different lane. I did fair after that. I got a 111 and 105. Both Jodi and Steve got turkeys (3 strikes in a row). They were so excited about their score, they got them printed out. Coffy was bowling left handed and did pretty decent. Everyone was amazed that when Cindy bowls, her ball doesn't make a sound when it hits the ground. The pictures I took ended up as crappy as my game because no one is willing t o pose for me anymore. I need to find a new way to convince them to smile for the camera.

The only way to get Steve in a picture. Have Big Ken hold him down.

Supposed to be a Carpenter Park Staff pic. Jodi and Steve are party poopers!

What a turkey!

Master bowler, Steve.

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