Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend in Rock

I don't remember when I have had a weekend that rocked this much! I just finished working 13 days in a row at one job or the other. So, even though I was tired, I was ready to get out and do something.

So, after a little convincing, Saturday night David and I went with his friends to see the Reverend Horton Heat at the Granada in Lower Greenville. I was actually planning on going by myself about a month ago. But, going with other people is much more fun and safe. His friends got there before us and saved a spot in the front to the left of the stage. I hadn't been that close to him since 1998! This was my 5th time seeing him and David's 3rd. He wore a black shirt, black pants, and a green suit jacket with purple flames and sequins. He looked a little bit like The Riddler from Batman. They played a few new songs and took requests. After the show we went to Cafe Brazil and ate french toast outside.

Sunday, we went to go see Alice in Chains at Nokia in Grand Prairie. I love that place. There isn't a bad seat in the house. The show was presented by VH1 Classic. Boy, does that makes me feel old. We sat in the middle section in the same row as the biggest and drunkest Alice in Chains fan ever. It was almost like 2 shows for 1. I thought the guy was going to set his face on fire with his lighter! We got off to a late start and the traffic was horrible. But, David knew what side streets to go down and we made it there by the 3rd song. In the parking lot, I tried the "oh my God, I forgot the tickets at home!" joke, but he saw right through me. The new singer's name is William DuVall. I looked him up on the internet, but I don't know any of the bands he's been in. He sang similar to Layne Staley, but it just wasn't the same. It was good, don't get me wrong, but I miss the original. Jerry Cantrell looked about the same with a Grizzly Adams beard. And the cardboard cut-out of the perfect grunge rock drummer, Sean Kinney, looked like he hasn't aged a day. Halfway through they took a little break and had a Layne Staley tribute musical montage. Then they came back with an acoustic set and one more rock set. The self-proclaimed "Air Guitar Master" had a "fun overload." I thought it was pretty awesome too.

On a side note, I think that an argument could be made that Jerry is actually the lead singer of the band. He sings just as much as Layne did. And many times I notice that Jerry sings the melody, where Layne sings the harmony. Plus, Jerry writes like all the songs. I am not saying this to discredit Layne in anyway, I love the guy. But it was just something I was thinking of. Discuss...

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