Thursday, October 12, 2006

Intro to Offroading

Ever since college, people have been telling me that offroading is super fun. I couldn't really figure it out, what is so great about driving where there is no pavement? Jonathan always tells me about doing it in Utah and then going camping wherever he feels like it. David said the same thing. If you have the right kind of car, you can get to the good camping spots. So, I decided to try it. David has a Bronco that has no roof or doors and giant tires. I needed extra help getting in. I was also nervous about falling out, but it has good seat belts. We drove off some freeway in Irving (I think?). David told me to tell Jonathan that I "locked the hubs." He would know what that meant. The first trail we went down was not very established. Trees were hitting against the car. And we drove through some giant spiderwebs with the spider still on them! I basically sat on the console with my hands over my head trying not to get hit. I was laughing the whole time. When we got to a clearing, I could only see trees and a lake. It was so nice. You couldn't eve tell that there was a freeway behind us. We tried to go up this big hill. Then David noticed the engine was overheating. So we got out of there and went to a gas station to let it cool off. It took a while, so we sat and drank some beers and took pictures. After, we went and got some catfish and shrimp. That was my adventure with offroading. David is going to get a new fan for the engine so we can stay out longer next time. I think I will take it in baby steps.

Chillin' in the parking lot.

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