Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So, finally Steve got around to planning the "Football Poll Party!" We had a BBB party, Bennigan's, Booze, and Bowling. The funny thing is that 3 people in the pool didn't even show up! Bennigan's was dead when we went there. That is surprising for a Plano restaurant on a Saturday. They even ran out of Captain Morgan's. Steve was disappointed. Then we went to Main Event to bowl. We didn't even have to wait due to good party planning. I got to play 3 games. I didn't pay attention to anyone else's score but mine and Steve's. I had to beat him. And I did, in one game, the last one, the one that counts! After we played air hockey. The one that spits out 3 pucks at a time. Stephanie and I against Dorian and Steve. It was a draw on that one. If we had $3 we could have broken the tie. Maybe next time.

The gang at Bennigan's

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