Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Annual TMC Pumpkin Contest 2011

Another Halloween, another pumpkin contest at TMC.  The competition was fierce this year.  My goal was to do something simple since the island I did last year took forever, then it rotted, then I had to do it over.  I decided on Hello Kitty.  And I came in dead last!  What a blow to the ego.  People thought it was cute, just not good enough to win.  I am going to have to step it up next year.

Amy's Texas Ranger baseball

Andy's Pac Man

Ashley's Minnie Mouse

Brittnie's mummy.

Cody's Marvin the Martian

Harry's Veggis Tails.  Yes, that is a real cucumber.

My Hello Kitty.

Jackie's ghost.

Jana's owl.  My pick for 1st!

Jason's M&M.

Kim's Happy Feet penguin.  This year's winner!

Luis's Plano Balloon Festival.

3rd place!  Paul David's Burt & Ernie.

2nd place!  Steve's Charlie Brown.

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