Sunday, May 01, 2011

Jacksonville Trip

In April, I got to go to Jacksonville to visit my parents.  I didn't know until I got there that my sister would be there too.  We watched a lot of TV and went to the movies.  We also went to see the Jacksonville Suns.  They are a minor league baseball team.  The entertainment at the game was Whiplash the Cowboy monkey.  He is a little monkey that rides a god.  He did a few tricks.  He was so cute!  We also went to Jacksonville Beach for opening weekend.  It strange to think about swimming in April.  I got to see a friend of mine from camp, Vicki Carter, who had recently moved to the area.  I hadn't seen her in about 5 years!
Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey!

Mom & Kate

Me & Dad

Jacksonville Suns baseball

Quijibo and I met up for lunch.

Jax Beach

Greyhound track.

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